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Ruth & Raja’s AMAZING Hindu/Hipster Wedding – Part 2!

After what would, in many instances, be classified as enough wedding for some folks, we danced straight into Day 2 of this epic wedding festival. From the early morning setup commenced, both in the main hall of the Fitzroy Town Hall, and the stunning North Terrace of the Melbourne Museum. A handmade Mandap, created especially for this couple by CeceBain, was erected by several strong men, and then covered with florals to create a truly stunning altar for the Hindu Priest to work his stuff. Booklets describing and transcribing the traditional elements of the ceremony were handed out to all guests, along with colourful scarves for the men and jasmine pins for the ladies.
Raj arrived surrounded by his male compadres and musicians, whilst Ruth was escorted in by her “ladies” under a canopy.

It was a breathtaking ceremony, and afterwards the crowd rejoiced and made their way noisily and on foot to the Fitzroy Town Hall (crashing a few garden weddings along the way!). What a procession!

Awaiting them was a night of dancing, amazing food, an open bar with endless cocktails, Bollywood dancers, a stunning cake, upside down umbrellas, delicious ice-cream (the salted caramel!) and a DJ to dance the night away. EVERYONE was dancing. EVERYONE. All. The. Time

It was a testament to this couple as to how much joy was in the room. Smiling faces, bright eyed, full of love. I got swept up in it all as well – who could resist! Ruth & Raja – you kids are alright! xx

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