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What we do

A Different Space

It’s a rare find. The heady combination of creative stylist plus meticulous planner.

And your venue might also be a rare find, or perhaps you just want to get hitched or throw a party somewhere a little different.

This is where we come in. Non-traditional wedding or event venues can often be overwhelming when it comes to pulling the day together, both logistically and stylistically. This shouldn’t deter you from setting yourself apart from the rest and securing that unique space – The Creative Type has the know how.

At The Creative Type, we set ourselves apart by coordinating and styling gorgeous weddings and events in locations that have sometimes never seen a dance floor or a pom pom.  Our speciality is the non-traditional and handmade. Think of us as event curators perhaps!

Handmade Brigade

DIY can often be a dream that can turn into a nightmare. The time it takes to create items by hand can often be overlooked, not to mention the amount you can spend on materials at retail prices.

Sometimes its best to hand-ball it to the professional crafters/makers. This is where The Creative Type comes in!  We value individuality, creating beautifully styled weddings and events with a hand-crafted touch. And we don’t just do weddings – oh no we don’t! Special events, projects and all things creative are always on the go. Checkout our blog to see what else we get up to!