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A Table Worth Setting – Crockery Inspirations

 I am a leeeeetle bit obsessed by table settings. For weddings, events, dinners, bbqs, breakfast… you name it – I wanna style it. I’m glad that my husband has the same desire to present every meal he cooks like it was to be judged on Masterchef (FYI – he’d ROMP it in with this year’s group…apparantly…). Regardless, together we can’t help but eat good lookin’ food at a good lookin’ table.

I am currently researching table settings for lovely client, and I’m constantly amazed at what one can do with the humble dinner plate. From different shades, hues and shapes, to stacking of colours and prints – there really is no end to how creative you can get with your dinnerware.

What I love the most is the effect a plate can create (and its associated rhyme). A pale pink sets a romantic scene, stacked contrasting colours of turquoise, white and gold creates a modern setting, whilst the vintage mis-matched style takes us back to bygone era. I personally love a delicate white plate, with the centre of the table allowed to shine. Throw in a runner of rustic wood and some clustered succulents and you have yourself a winner of a table – crisp, fresh and contrasting.

Any favourites for you?

On the board: 

Polkadot plates Unity Weddings, Mismatched Green  The Lane , Gold Plates  Inspired By This, Turquoise Colour stacking  Anne Hepfer,  White Plates  Tiny White Daisies, Pale pink – Kootation

July 17, 2013 - 9:12 pm

Mani - I love the turquoise, white and gold so much. I’ve been lusting after matte gold cutlery for a while now…

July 17, 2013 - 9:14 pm

Caroline - It was initially so hard to find! I was looking late last year and hardly anything was out there. Certainly more out there now – it’s on the wish list!

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